History and Career

Mike Williams was born in Liverpool in 1940: one of that special generation of Liverpool lads that changed the world.

Earlier it had been Ken Dodd, Arthur Askey, Tommy Handley, Norman Thelwell, George Melly now it was Leonard Rossiter, Roger McGough, Ralph Steadman, Jimmy Tarbuck and four boys with an ear for a tune – John, Paul, George and Ringo!

From Quarry Bank school Mike began his career as an illustrator in the commercial art studio of John Moores and Littlewoods. Before long Mike and his colleagues were having cartoons accepted by the magazines in London. That was all it took for him to attempt a solo flight and he never looked back.

Mike sees Cartoonists as ‘sit-down’ comedians – “not quite as brave as the stand up variety”, he says.

One of his favourite themes is a dry satirical reworking of famous historical characters from Walter Raleigh to Hitler.