Illustrations and Gallery

  • MWC001

    “It’s the Cat, Says he’ll be late. Can we leave something out?” [button link=””]BUY NOW[/button]

  • MWC002

    esucxe em ris, tub dluoc uoy tcerid em ot reppepluC eunevA”

  • MWC003

    “Great Heavens! You’re right, it is her!…Y’know I remember her when she used to be in focus.”

  • MWC004

    Egyptian Road Rage

  • MWC005

    Achilles is having a bloody awful season.”

  • MWC006

    “I made it! I made it! I’m into the quarter finals!!”

  • MWC007

    “Of all the nerve!…Making us sit through the whole of their Bayeux Tapestries!!”

  • MWC008

    …And I say, the hell with Natural Selection and let’s just eat the nice fat juicy ones.”

  • MWC009

    “…And that won’t wake me either.”

  • MWC0010

    “Sir Walter! Over here!”

  • MWC0011

    “Isn’t life simple when you know you’re right all the time.”

  • MWC0012

    “Just think my dear…If this is what man is capable of achieving in the Seventeenth Century, just imagine what he will be capable of by the Twenty-First!”

  • MWC0013

    “Ye Gods woman! I’m a Viking! I’m supposed to leave rings on the table!”

  • MWC0014

    “Well, that’s the last of the Mohicans…there’s a little bit of Sioux left if anyone’s interested.”

  • MWC0015

    Polar Bowling

  • MWC0016

    “Well, let’s hope he gets into something soon Mary, because, let’s face it, he’ll never make a carpenter.”