Illustrations and Gallery

  • MWC0017

    “This is the life, eh?”

  • MWC0018

    “Hey! Vincent, this is terrific!!…And you can really get these on prescription?”

  • MWC0019

    “Oh, My Goodness!…We knew Hannibal had elephants but we just hadn’t realised that he was capable of launching them!”

  • MWC0020

    Sacred Sitting Cow

  • MWC0021

    “Well, it’s going great so far but if they ever find out that we are chocolate coated with a minty centre we could be in serious trouble”

  • MWC0022

    “Hey! Wait a minute! That’s not us!”

  • MWC0023

    “The Sphere of Divine Self-Begetting and Creation…you wanna matt or you wanna gloss?”

  • MWC0024

    “Reservoir Doges”

  • MWC0025

    “We close at six!”

  • MWC0026

    Oh, Dear! That’s such a pity! Because as a frog he was a really great swimmer!!”

  • MWC0027

    “Well, it is the complete works of Shakespeare alright, however the pig is claiming that he wrote it.”

  • MWC0028

    “Don’t be a fool Coco! Throw down the pie and come out with your hair up!”

  • MWC0029

    “You’re not still hungry?”

  • MWC0030

    “It’s been raining steadily now for over half an hour and he’s still out there on ‘slicks’.”

  • MWC0031

    “Oh, no. It’s an ear,…didn’t Vincent get the list?”

  • MWC0032

    “It’s Evolution Og…can’t stay on all fours forever.”