Illustrations and Gallery

  • MWC0033

    “I just love fast food.”

  • MWC0034

    “Now see here! My name is Thomson and that is my gazelle!!”

  • MWC0035

    “Save the Whale”

  • MWC0036

    “Run for your lives everybody! It’s the coming of Christianity!”

  • MWC0037

    “Hey Dad!….I got a girl into trouble.” [button link=””]BUY NOW[/button]

  • MWC0038

    Well, if this is decline it sure beats the hell out of progress.”

  • MWC0039

    “Oh, Shut up!”

  • MWC0040

    “Great news Your Majesty! The Kennel Club is thinking of naming a spaniel after you!!”

  • MWC0041

    “It looks like they are nearly ready to sail.”

  • MWC0042

    “Indispensible!…I’ll say we’re indispensible! It’s because we are the only ones who’ll remember the way back, that’s why we are so bloody indispensible!!”

  • MWC0043

    “Pwllheli Vice”

  • MWC0044

    “Oh, please Your Highness! Not the Glasgow Empire!!”

  • MWC0045

    “True, true…however on the downside, it costs me a fortune in contraceptives.”

  • MWC0046

    “Unhappy Hour”

  • MWC0047

    “Houston…We have a problem.”

  • MWC0048

    “I’m thinking of having my tooth capped.”