Illustrations and Gallery

  • MWC0049

    “Five minutes everybody!”

  • MWC0050

    “The Bells! The Bells!”

  • MWC0051

    “You’re always just popping down to the water hole.”

  • MWC0052

    “I dread to think what the hotel will be like.”

  • MWC0053

    RNLI Rescue

  • MWC0054

    “They’ve got Tomahawks? Goodness what next Sargent! Of course they’ve got Tomahawks…You’ll find, if you look closely…that all Indians have got Tomahawks, Haw! Haw!”

  • MWC0055

    “We’re leaving Bunty! They allow smoking in the car park!!”

  • MWC0056


  • MWC0057

    “Well, so much for plan ‘A’ “

  • MWC0058

    “…And if we look over to our right, here we have the house Voltaire spent his formative years in…Ahead in the tall grey building we have the home of…”

  • MWC0060

    Punting Death

  • MWC0061

    “Run for your lives everybody!! It’s a bouncy castle!!!”

  • MWC0062

    “…And you can bet your life that the architect lives in a nice little villa in the country.”

  • MWC0063

  • MWC0064

    “It’s at about seventy I get this funny knocking noise.”

  • MWC0065

    “Be careful, it’s a bit slippy this morning.”